Sunday, September 27, 2009

txtckr stage 1

Well, I've just committed a batch of updates to txtckr, which has finally moved beyond a mix of php & pseudo-php to a stage where I run it on a laptop without any errors (with the included very simple test).

It's almost at the stage of adding the finishing touches to the name handling, where the various openurl name parts get humpty-dumptied again. It's just skeleton coding at this stage, but hopefully a pretty sound basis for what's to come!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Google Co-op: EBSCO Connect search

There's been a bit of talk about EBSCO Connect content appearing on Google, and while it's not the sort of thing that thrills me necessarily, I found it was easy enough to create yet another Google Custom search, which would allow the retrieval of EBSCO connect material only.

There appears to be quite a bit of content there - give the search a go, and leave a response if you feel that way inclined...