Friday, November 28, 2008

NTS:: PEAR installations for PHP on Windows

Most of my blog postings will be in the form of "note(s) to self" (NTS::), and given that I tend to lose bits of paper, at least this way I'll be able to find them again!

NTS:: PEAR installations for PHP on Windows
I've just been reminded by the fact that when I'm trying to install from the PEAR repository or SourceForge, I must go through this hoop-la:

// do the whole proxy thing...
pear config-set http_proxy

// then install packages...

pear install --ignore-errors channel://
"force install even if there were errors"

pear install --soft channel://
"soft install, fail silently, or upgrade if already installed"

pear install --alldeps
"install all required and optional dependencies"

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