Friday, April 10, 2009

twitter (bye, facebook)

You can now reach me at @tompasley on twitter.

I've ditched facebook, so although I decided to leave the option for people to still tag me on photos, etc., my facebook account has gone. Why? I wasn't checking/visiting it often enough, let alone making any postings... I was pretty much cyber-squatting. I've since discovered friendfeed, which was a bit thick (duh), but somehow, I don't think that would've made enough of a difference.

Ultimately, I feel the concept of friends on facebook is artificial and flawed. I prefer the default of twitter, (though I reserve the right to change my mind!), which lets you communicate with anyone, and block those you don't want to to hear from... it's up to those twittering to say something worthwhile.

This way, I can approach people, who do some cool stuff, and if they don't want to hear from me, then they can just ignore me or block me, rather than have to jump through some hoops first, and without having to worry about their email addresses, etc.


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