Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farewell, Hi UCOL

Well, I'm in my "break period" between jobs.

I start as the Information Systems Librarian at UCOL on Monday, so I might not be posting much for a little while, while I get my head around Voyager, etc.

I really enjoyed my time at Crop & Food Research, (which merged with HortResearch and became Plant and Food Research 1 December 2008), and then at Plant and Food Research. It was a really interesting place for me, as a librarian, to work: I felt appreciated by other staff, (particularly "the scientists"), I had great people to work with, and there was plenty to get my teeth into! There was also Magic for a while at lunchtimes, and though I seldom won, it was good fun.

So, thanks to all of the exCFR/PFR staff -those who were kind enough to put comments in my card, and for their farewells, and also for the lovely farewell gifts. I really enjoyed my time with you guys, and I hope to keep in touch!

The laptop bag I'm especially chuffed with, since it's also a backpack - great for those times when you're tired, and your laptop seems to weigh a ton! (- no, I don't have a 17" laptop, but I'm optimistic...).

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