Thursday, November 11, 2010

NTS:: #! setup

CrunchBang is my favourite Linux distro, and I have it running on my fileserver, which is running on a paltry 256Mb of RAM.

I discovered after poking around how to shutdown OpenBox properly, without the whole sudo shutdown problem (I found it would hang, and power-off). This script allows me to power-off once downloads are complete, using auto-shutdown, together with DownThemAll.

let wait_time=$1*60
echo "will shutdown in $1 minutes"
sleep $wait_time
gdm-control --shutdown && openbox --exit
exit 0

One of the things I've got going nicely is DropBox, which normally works well under Nautilus, so not really so good on OpenBox. DropBox works well following the instructions on the OpenBox wiki.

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