Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Information Online 2009 (part 3 + end)

I've finished typing up my notes, (last night), and it's just as well... I've had enough!

I'm not sure if I took too many notes, but typing up each session seemed to take too long - often because each of these presentations leads you into exploring other areas... either by "see also" references, or the "what was I doing" effect. Hopefully ALIA will sort out wifi next year, (... and everyone will have a silent notebook/netbook keyboard that has good travel/feedback, and somehow, that'll include me!)

I've tagged most of the stuff I've come across, (I can't say I've been that systematic, but anyway) - here's what I've added to delicious for io2009.

1 comment:

  1. The downside of everyone using a notebook or laptop is having to listen to the "tacker", "tacker", "tacker" of keys during a presentation.

    Seriously bro, that got on my nerves a bit at this last conference =(