Sunday, February 1, 2009

Information Online 2009 (intro + part 1)

Yes, this conference has been and gone... I'm slack!

As this was my second time attending Information Online, there was less "gloss".

As with most events there are a few sessions which stood out for me [edit 17 Feb 2009: I've added the link to the full paper below]:

Session B4 – Jane Burke, Serials Solutions

“What’s beyond the OPAC: discovery layer services”

Builds on earlier comments made by John Law, also part of Proquest

Federated search

Difficulty identifying appropriates resources.

“Put systems together that speak to them in a very simple way”
  • User’s want to search first!
  • Connector tech [NISO MXG]
  • Don’t bury it, embed it
  • Don’t worry about result physical format
  • Full keyword searching
  • Facets
  • Relevance ranking
  • Simple user interface, graphical
  • Put facets on left not right (this is where Google puts it’s ads)
Open Source offerings:
  • VUfind – Villanova University
  • Summa – Netherlands/Swedish??
  • XC (extensible catalogue)

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